French YL award



From the 1st June 2014 


1. Rules


This award can be obtained by all OM/YL station who has an official ham licence, a SWL licence or a SWL number.

The aim is to contact a lot of YL from F, 3A, C3 and DOM-TOM on all bands in all modes, from the 1st June 2014.

Activations and special callsign (TM, DFCF, DMF, FFF, LX9YL, etc.) are permitted.

Each QSO must contain the callsign contacted or listened station, the name, date, time, frequency, mode and report.


2. Points

YL callsign can be contacted only one time per frequency and mode.

  • 1 YL en SSB            30 points
  • 1 YL en CW             100 points
  • 1 YL en RTTY, PSK    50 points
  • 1 YL en VHF USB      150 points
  • 1 YL en VHF FM       100 points
  • 1 YL en UHF FM       100 points
  • 1 YL en UHF USB      150 points


3. Award

  • Bronze : 300 points
  • Silver : 600 points
  • Gold : 1000 points

The request for the award should be send to the award manager Claudine F5JER at f5jer(-at) with the file « liste QSO_diplome » filled :


The award is free and will be send only by email. We don’t need any QSL.



Awarding 2015-2016-2017




F4HFX Nicole

UR5IKN Dimitri F4HFX Nicole
2 DL5YL Tina UT7AW Victoria RN1CW Andrew
3 F0FIG Marcel F0FIG Marcel RX3FU Alexej
4 DL5YM Fred F4GLR Danielle
F1TRF Laurent
5 F5RPB Evelyne F5MQW Patrick F4BYB Eric
6 F5MQW Patrick F6HLE Guy
F5MSS Lydie
 7  S58MU Milan
 YO6CFB Lacy
F5NLX Jean-Marie
 8  ON5UC Olivier
 ON5UC Olivier
 F5HRH Pierre-Luc
 9     S58MU Milan  YO6CFB Lacy
10    LZ2OQ George ON5UC Olivier
11      S58MU Milan
12     LZ2OQ George