Marie Curie Award


To commemorate  the 150 anniversary of the birth of Marie Curie (born Maria Sklodowska)
The association of the “YLS of France” have created an award in honour of the first woman scientist who obtained two Nobel prizes.

The award rewards all contacts with the list of YLs below.
Each contact is worth 10 points and all contacts with MARIA F6BAT are worth 20 points.
Each YL can be contacted only once on a band with the same mode.

Authorised modes SSB CW DIGI

The award is attributed once 100 points have been attained.

The award is free (electronic version only).

The logs with the Date, Time UTC, Band, Mode, call sign and the Christian name of the YL operating the station are to be sent to F5JER at


This file can be used :


Contacts : since January 1th to  December 31th 2017


List of Yls :

Maria F6BAT


Nicole F4HFX

Alexandra F1UBA

Evelyne F5RPB

Joana DJ5YL

Marie-Jeanne F5MYL

Christine F4GDI

Mado F1EOY

Aline F4GPA

Danielle F4GLR

Claudine F5JER

Tina DL5YL

Lydie F5MSS

Maryse F4HBC

Marie F5UAY

Cécilia F4GQW

Cécile ON5TC